The Entourage Effect

hemp plants growing in a field

Do you ever wonder why CBD is so popular yet the products available in most places do not feel effective for pain and anxiety relief? This is because of a synergistic effect known scientifically as the Entourage Effect. This effect describes how cannabinoids and terpenes work together to produce unique medicinal effects. There are over 100+ cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp, CBD and THC being the most well known. There are over 140 terpenes which work as the delivery agents for the cannabinoids and have published medicinal value. The key is how cannabinoids and terpenes create vastly different medicinal effects based on the combinations of compounds, each combination working uniquely to improve our overall health and wellness.

Many of us know that there are many strains of cannabis. Each strain has a unique genotype, meaning the genetic makeup of each strain is unique, with singular effects alleviating specific symptoms. The strains have different combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids which profoundly result in different effects when used by us. Studying the Entourage Effect determines how these compounds work together to produce these effects. Israel is currently the international leader in this research and has found effective combinations which work on specific symptoms, specific types of cancer, autism and more.

When purchasing hemp or CBD products it is important to look for the terms ‘whole plant’ or ‘full spectrum’. These products have multiple major and minor cannabinoids as well as terpenes. Ongoing research in the USA focuses on finding strains and effective combinations of compounds for relieving specific symptoms. Your experience helps expand this base of knowledge.

A lot of proclaimed CBD products do not even have CBD in them, and others may have THC levels higher than federally allowed, a result of the market being so poorly regulated. It is crucial to know that your CBD company utilizes high quality and accountable testing measures which match their label. Other products are made with CBD isolate which makes it easy to advertise high milligrams of CBD in any given product, but still has less effective health benefits than whole plant extracts, a result of the lack of supporting cannabinoids and terpenes. The whole plant, full spectrum products may have fewer milligrams CBD, but have many compounds from the plant working together to create a unique synergy that works on the whole body. Make it a priority to find a company that educates about proper use, answers your questions, and allows you to get to know the company and its culture.

Nestled in Ontario, Oregon, Align Botanicals is a local company specializing in whole plant extracts of cannabis and other medicinal plants to meet your holistic needs. Reach out to us and see what might work best for you as a consumer to improve your health and quality of life.